Hello Famous Quotes Homepage Visitors & Regulars,

Time for an explanation… Our old version of the site, which was a little hard to read and had a less than current look, still functioned quite well as both a homepage and a place to obtain the quotes themselves as well as some background on the quotation’s authors.  But technical issues were making it very time consuming, and towards the end, frustrating to update.

This new version will hopefully do everything our old site did, but with more ease and improved functionality. In addition, we now have news feeds, a weather feed and several additional links to choose from. We hope to have the news feed functioning in the next day or so.

We have linked the music quotations to our music site, MusicQuotesHomepage.com, but cannot update that site for the time being, due to technical issues.  We hope to convert the music site to this new format soon.

Please let us know how you like the new version of Famous Quotes Homepage.  If you have ideas of how to improve it, please contact us or leave a comment. Thank you for your patience during this process of updating.  We hope to have all of the content from the original site added to this website within a few weeks.


Richard & Bonnett Chandler, Website Owners & Grant Chandler, Web Designer



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