Garrison Keillor has been writing like a bricklayer… Brick after brick after brick until you notice that he has been building enough audio and print buildings to single-handedly populate a town the size of St. Cloud, Minnesota. This quote, from his 2004 publication, “Homegrown Democrat,” reminds us that misfortune might force us to expand our definition of success, even though we were rather happy with the more conventional and narrower definition having to do with our stuff.

“The gains in life come slowly and the losses come on suddenly. You work for years to get your life the way you want it and buy the big house and the time share on Antigua and one afternoon you’re run down by a garbage truck and lie in the intersection, dazed, bloodied, your leg unnaturally bent, and suddenly life becomes terribly challenging for six months.”

  – Garrison Keillor (1942- )

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