When Anita Sharpe asked Horst Rechelbacher in a recent interview in Motto magazine, “What were the smartest things you did when building Aveda? Rechelbacher answered:

“No. 1 was staying true to the mission and hiring environmentalists who didn’t report to anyone but the environment. We hung posters up in the factory that said things like, “reuse, recycle.” This led to a truly clarified action plan; we followed through in sales and marketing and all of our operations – we put in a day care center and put solar ‘panels’ on the roof. Second, we held weekly steering committee meetings where leaders reported on the progress they were making. The environmentalists could cancel projects if they were not environmentally sound. And third, you always need to go outside and get a second opinion on how you are doing. Once you get on top of the mountain, you get used to the view. You don’t see your own mountain.”

– Horst Rechelbacher (Born 1941)

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