“The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.”

– James Yorke (1941- )

Have you ever felt that the bulk of your life amounted to doing your best to make your ‘Plan B’ work, despite recurrent longings to somehow get back to working from a Plan A? Well if this describes you, take solace from these words of James Yorke. It may be that there was good reason that Plan B took precedent, even though we commonly are at a loss to discover what that good reason might have been.

So first of all, it is not a bad idea to have a ‘Plan B’. Having one can give you a safety net so that you can move your ‘Plan A’ forward with considerably less stress and fear.

Second, make the best of ‘Plan B’. Get even better at implementing it with passion, intelligence and grace. As Mr. Yorke says, doing so will also lead to success.

Perhaps, once ‘Plan B’ is for the most part accomplished, you may now have the time and resources to formulate a new ‘Plan A’ that is more aligned with your deeper inner aspirations.

– Richard J. Chandler

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