While taking care of other household things typical of our Sunday evenings, as well as some studying for college, we watched the Grammy Awards. Whitney Houston’s death, from falling asleep and drowning in a hotel bathtub, perhaps made more likely due to addiction issues, brought a more sober tone to the Grammys.

During a 2002 interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Houston stated:  “The biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy…”

Personally, we were saddened to see the consequences of alcohol and substance abuse bring the life of a music superstar to a tragic and premature ending.

There was one other troubling aspect to Houston’s death.  Following the story of her passing by Fox News, a great many of the comments by Fox News readers were racist, hateful and embarrassing to read. Many of them also added our president to their racial slurs. If you had the opportunity to read the story and comments, you undoubtedly were also troubled by these horrific comments. Here is a news story about this, including some of the actual comments which originated shortly after the Fox News story first ran.

Here is the weekly address of President Obama…  Have a great start to your week!

Richard & Bonnett Chandler


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