We took a break from everything and are now back at it. Please accept our apologies for not updating for well over a week. So after some R & R we got back to work on Friday & Saturday, will do a bunch of school work on Sunday and back to work for the week this Monday. We were happy to be back in Minnesota and again doing our more usual routine.

The joke goes like this… Two people, who most would identify as seniors, were talking and one said to the other, “So when do you plan to retire?” And the other one said, “I’m not planning to retire at all, because if I did, what would I do if I wanted to take a day off?”

Here is the President’s weekly address and some new news articles. Enjoy them, have a bit of R & R, then consider keeping your happiness from declining from too much R & R by getting back to work! It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but seems to be at the core of being a Minnesotan!

Richard & Bonnett Chandler


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