In one of my college classes, my professor, Dr. Luke Tripp, continually admonishes us to think critically. Elements of critical thinking according to Dr. Tripp include: Definition of the problem or question, looking at assumptions, concepts, data, information, analysis, interpretations, inferences, conclusions & implications. He goes on to list standards of critical thinking including: Clarity, completeness, logic, coherence, validity, consistency with the facts, accuracy, relevance, justifiability & significance as the criteria to assess what one hears and sees in the news.

With all of this in mind, we were pleased that the president’s weekly address included the kind of evidence that is usually missing in the public opinion advertising by the oil industry and the political rhetoric that masquerades as news. So take a look at this video and consider if it isn’t finally time to really put our country’s resources into moving in the direction of clean energy, which doesn’t have the hidden cost of climate disruption which seems to play a part of the severe weather that we have been having here in our country and around the world.

– Richard & Bonnett Chandler


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